History In Our Attics: Photos and Documents of Brunswick,MD Volume II

The wait is over; History in Our Attics:Photos and Documents of Brunswick, MD Volume III has arrived!

After Volume I was published, readers made one point very clear….. They wanted more.

If more was what the readers wanted, more is what the author has provided. Brunswick resident and historian, James R. Castle, provides us more examples from his private historical collection that he has accumulated for over twenty years.

Volume II offers new chapters that focus on the untold stories of Gross’ Store, schools, and the Village of Knoxville. There are also more photos and documents of the B&O Railroad, the Brunswick Fire Company, and Brunswick businesses.

So sit back, get comfortable in your favorite chair, and enjoy this book. Whether you are reminiscing or learning about the wonderful past of Brunswick, Maryland, this book is sure to be an enlightening experience for all.

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Every Brunswick Citizen and those from surrounding Maryland and Virginia should own this book and the ones to follow, regardless of their age. James Castle certainly learned from his elders that history should be preserved. He has put together documents and photos that few have seen before. His text offers the history and facts to fully explain the photos. I can hardly wait for the next volume

The Late Raleigh Boaze, Local Historian