History In Our Attics: Photos and Documents of Brunswick,MD Volume I

History In Our Attics: Photos and Documents of Brunswick, Maryland gives readers a rare glimpse into the private, historical collection of author James R. Castle who is proud to call Brunswick his home.

For over twenty years, Castle has searched for Brunswick memorabilia through various means; some items were purchased, some were given to him, and many were rescued from the trash. Essentially, this means that Castle has been held by the ankles while grabbing items out of a dumpster, which is a testament of his pursuit towards enriching the historical preservation of the city he loves.

So, fix your favorite drink, put on your favorite music, and sit back and enjoy this book. Whether you are either reminiscing or learning about the wonderful past of Brunswick,Maryland, this book is sure to be an enlightening experience.

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James Castle’s collection of photographs and Brunswick ephemera is a treasure trove of Brunswick history. I can think of few better ways to get an intimate glimpse into the lives of Brunswick’s past than to spend a few hours in his files.

Rebecca O’Leary, Past Curator, Brunswick Heritage Museum